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  • Bathroom Plumbing
    In the project of installation and repair of water pipes. Our staff focused on knowing in detail the installation...
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  • Roof and ceiling repair
    The project of remodeling, maintenance and conditioning of roofs. Our staff focused on giving a modern touch in the...
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  • Interior Door Installation
    In the remodeling and interior design project. Our staff focused on designing the area as required by the client...
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  • White house
    In the project of painting and finishes based on white color. Our staff is focused on highlighting the details...
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  • Kitchen Remodel
    In the project of repair and conditioning of the kitchen area. Our staff before starting the work reviewed and...
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  • Platinum House
    The client needed his facade painted in record time, which for our team was another challenge that we met...
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  • Construction and Carpentry
    In this project the client wanted a construction on the outside of his house, consisting of iron bars inside...
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  • Floor Repair 2
    In this case, our experts had the challenge of choosing the right colors and style, and the client was...
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  • Floor Repair
    In front of this project there were a series of rigorous requirements that we knew how to fulfill successfully...
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  • Construction
    Completely communicate functional systems vis-a-vis effective vortals. Conveniently facilitate seamless portals whereas robust "outside the box" thinking. Energistically synergize...
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